Alexander Artsvuni

On joining Farfetch in 2016, my first project was to redesign the navigation across both desktop and mobile.

Home view for iOS/Android

Working to improve engagement, I started focusing on native application design.
I eventually created a specialist mobile app design team at Farfetch.

Search and navigation

Over 2 years my team and I led the effort focused on iterative improvements of Farfetch mobile apps.

Component driven design

To improve alignment and consistency, I built a technical design practice based on close collaboration between the design and engineering teams.

Accessible inputs

Looking closer at micro-interactions to improve usability, I led the initiative to make our native apps more inclusive and accessible.

International localisation

As Farfetch expanded to new markets, I was responsible for optimising our native interfaces to work equally well in all languages.

China app

As a principal designer, I led our Shanghai-based design team to create and launch a localised version of the Farfetch app in 2018.

Accessible prototyping kit

I defined design standards for the native app and developed toolkits to help designers ensure that Farfetch interfaces are always AA accessible.

Native UI

I teamed up with principal engineer Fabio Almeida to create a framework for designing and building production level interfaces faster than ever before.

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Music keeps me productive and focused. Here are some of my favourite tracks: